How to trade Octafx forex

How to trade Octafx forex

How to trade Octafx forex – There is one popular trading app this time because it says it always makes a profit. OctaFX app. So, as many users claim, is it true that OctaFX is worth it?

How to trade forex with Octafx

This free download program allows you to monitor exchange rate movements displayed in graph format. For example, the EUR / USD histogram continues to rise, which means the euro is rising against the US dollar.

How to register an OctaFX account

Of course, to start trading, you first need to create an account. The registration method is not so difficult. You can check the following steps.

First, download the OctaFX app from the Play Store or Apps Store first
If you want to download and install, please open the application
Then the login field is displayed on the main page. Ignore login, my friend can click “Sign up” option
You will see various forms of personal data that you need to fill out
After that, you will also be presented with a form for uploading personal data for files that need to be uploaded (ID card with personal photo, personal photo with ID card, copy of account book (optional)).

After entering the data and uploading the file, we will enter the verification process. The verification process itself can take up to 30 minutes. Therefore, be sure to maintain your HP.
CS will contact you later and ask you some questions, such as your name, address, and parents’ names.

If it passes the confirmation, OctaFX will change the status of your account to Confirmed and you will be ready to deposit your funds.
Before depositing real money, you will first be taught to use a demo account. You can follow it or skip it
It was completed!

How to deposit with OctaFx Trading App

Depositing with OctaFX is the most important step after registration. This is what you need to do to open a transaction, so make sure you understand how to make a deposit so you don’t make a mistake.

First, open the app and log in with your account
Then select my friend, personal space
Then select the deposit option.
Click Payment Methods to use virtual accounts, Fasapay, instant bank transfers, Visa, Bitcoin, Doku wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
Then select the price you want to use. If you want to get a fixed rate, activate the fixed rate feature so that you can get an exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs. 10000.
Please pay your friends
You can save your payment certificate.
Please specify the payment method, account number and payment date in the case of bank deposit, and confirm the payment in the form of amount.
After entering the deposit, you can trade on OctaFx.

The last word

This is a description of the OctaFX Trading App, how to register and available premium features, how to deposit and withdraw. How? Are my friends ready to invest and trade now?

If you have any other tips, please share them with all of us in the comments section below. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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